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Bury System 9 XXL Universal Cradle


The Bury Active Cradle is one of two primary components of the System 9 solution which enables your mobile device to be held securely and legally in your vehicle. The antenna connection and power connection are integrated into the base plate/cradle.

Fits all phones within the following dimensions: (for devices with/without bumpers or cases up to the maximum dimensions below)

  • Height: 105mm to 142mm
  • Width: 46mm to 80mm
  • Depth: 8mm to 20mm
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  • Swivel mount – for the optimum display of the applications on the iPhone
  • Can be turned by 90° in both directions so you can use smartphone apps with a horizontal angle of view
  • Antenna connector to further improve reception
  • Battery charging function for your mobile telephone
  • Snap-in mounting – quick and easy snap-in mounting
  • Two year warranty