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Nothing is lost! Attach the Smart Tracker to your keys, bag, laptop or wallet and receive a notification on your smartphone if you leave the item behind.

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  • Item Finder – use the free SmartTracker app on your phone to ‘ring’ the Smart Tracker and locate your item
  • Phone Finder – double click the button to make your phone ring loudly
  • Last-Seen Tracking – SmartTracker app remembers the last seen GPS coordinates
  • Item/Phone Left Behind Alert – notification on the phone or Smart Tracker if item/phone left behind
  • Camera Shutter Remote – use the Smart Tracker to take a selfie on your phone
  • Range – up to 50m outdoors and 20m indoors (obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect range)
  • Size – 34m diameter x 8mm depth
  • Low Battery Alert – 12-18 month battery life